Record of dances at the Monday Irish Set Dance Class


Monday 30th March
Monday 23rd March
Monday 16th March
Monday 9th March Clare Orange and Green contrary and fig 1, Plain Set 
Monday 2nd March Labasheeda, Connemara, Plain Set figs 1-4
Monday 24th February Plain Set, Claddagh fig 3, Moycullen
Monday 17th February No Class
Monday 10th February Baile Bhuirne Jig steps and positioning, Moycullen, Claddagh fig 3
Monday 3rd February Moycullen, Cashel
Monday 27th January No class
Monday 20th January Clare Plain Set, Labasheeda
Monday 13th January Portmagee Jig Set, Baile Bhuirne Jig, Moycullen
Monday 6th January Clare Lancers, Clare Plain Set


Record of dances at the Tuesday Country Dance Class

Tuesday 31st March
Tuesday 24th March
Tuesday 17th March
Tuesday 10th March Cornish six hand reel, Flowers of Edinburgh, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Picking of Sticks, Take a Dance, Miss Margaret Hill's Waltz, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 3rd March Mad Hatters 3 some, Stingo, Mad Robin, Fandango, Nonesuch, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 25th February Three around Three, Levi Jackson's Rag, Jack's Maggot, Wakefield Hunt, Postie Jig, Parson's Farewell, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 18th February Ian Fletcher leads the dances - Grand March, Big Coral, Devil'sDream, Bridge of Athlone, Marching through Georgia, White Coppice, Red River Valley, Walpole Cottage, Snowball, Gathering Peascods.
Tuesday 11th February Cornish 6 hand reel, Newcastle, Take a Dance, Picking of Sticks, Nonesuch, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 4th February Circle Hornpipe, Newcastle, Dutch Crossing, Mr Beveridges's Maggot, Flowers of Edinburgh, Postie Jig, Geud Man of Ballingigh, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 28th January Dances with Ian Fletcher calling - Grand March, Lucky Seven, Russian Ballet, Black Nag, Danish Double Quadrille, Walpole Cottage, White Copice, The Music Man, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 21st January Mad Hatter's Threesome, Newcastle, a quick attempt at Dutch Crossing! Wakefield Hunt, Jack's Maggot, Godesses, Parson's Farewell, Lovely Nancy (waltz), Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 14th January Three around Three, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Newcastle, Nonesuch, Fandango, Take a Dance, Gathering Peascods
Tuesday 7th January Mad Hatter's Threesome, Newcastle, Picking of Sticks, Postie Jig, Miss Margaret Hill's Waltz, Gathering Peascods


Record of dances at the Thursday Irish Set Dance Class

Thursday 12th March
Thursday 5th March
Thursday 27th February Labasheeda, Claddagh fig 3, Mazurka fig 3 and 6
Thursday 20th February Moycullen, Connemara, Claddagh fig 3, Mazurka fig 3 and 6
Thursday 13th February Connemara, Claddagh fig 3, Baile Buirne Jig Set, Plain Set 
Thursday 6th February Kilfenora, Clare Lancers, Claddagh fig 3, Moycullen
Thursday 30th January Cashel, Moycullen
Thursday 23rd January Claddagh, Kilfenora
Thursday 16th January Portmagee Jig Set (Meserts, Miserks), Baile Bhuirne Jig Set, Clare Plain Set
Thursday 9th January Claddagh Set, Moycullen Set


Record of dances at the Friday Monthly Dance workshops at Pill Memorial Hall 

Friday 20th November
Friday 16th October
Friday 18th September
Friday21st August
Friday 17th July
Friday 19th June
Friday 15th May
Friday 17th April
Friday 20th March 2020 Caddam Wood, Hogmanay Jig, Dutch Crossing
Friday 21st February 2020 Hogmanay Jig, Dutch Crossing, Caddam Wood
Friday 17th January 2020 Hogmanay Jig, Dutch Crossing
15th November 2019 Dutch Crossing, Hogmanay Jig, Levi Jackson, Caddam Wood
18th October 2019 Dutch Crossing, Levi Jackson, Hogmanay Jig, Caddam Wood
20th September 2019 Hogmanay Jig, Levi Jackson, Contra Corners, Caddam Wood
19th July 2019 Hogmanay Jig, Dutch Crossing, Caddam Wood, Newcastle
21st June 2019 Newcastle, Parson's Farewell, Mad Robin, My Lord Byron's Maggot
17th May 2019 Caddam Wood
12th April 2019 Dutch Crossing