Tuesday mornings Weekly Folk Feet English and Scottish dance   

Tuesday mornings 9.30am - 11.30am

Folk Hall, High Street, Portishead, BS20 6PR

£3 to include cup of tea or coffee at the break

Live Music with the Highly Strung Community Band

Car park opposite

Folk Feet Dancers and Fiddler

Drawing by Marian Webb

Mandolin Player with the Highly Strung Band


You Tube Video - Folk Feet

Tuesday Mornings

Suitable for all levels of fitness - and any level of expertise - just take it at your own pace - walking steps are often preferrable to anything more energetic.


Some of the dances date back to the very first English country dance manual published in 1651 by John Playford - and some are very recently composed.


Moves include forward and back, cicle left and right, right hand star, setting and chains.  We walk the dances first and then dance to live music from the Highly Strung Band.

Weekly Folk Feet Irish Social Dance Morning

Thursday mornings 10.00am - 12.30pm

North Weston Village Hall, Portishead, BS20 6TB

£5 to include cup of tea or coffee at the break

Live Music with the Perfect Cure 

Car Park opposite - Great floor for dancing

Thursday Mornings

An introduction to Irish Set dancing and an opportunity to explore more advanced country dancing - i.e. more cerebral rather than more energetic. 


Here is a link to one of the most popular Irish set dances - This video was taken in Ireland at an outdoor event and the dancing starts at 1.45.


Connemara Set                   Right: the "Little Christmas" move in this set

Monday Evenings Weekly 

Weekly Folk Feet Irish Social Dance Evenings -

every Monday, also Thursday and Sundays

alternate Monday evenings 7pm-9.30pm workshops, 8pm-10pm dance

Falfield Village Hall, A38, GL12 8HD

£8 including tea or coffee

Live Music with the Perfect Cure Band

Large Car Park at the hall.

see timetable for full term dates and times


Please ring Jill if you have any queries - 07515 904 707 or just come along and see if you would like to join in.


An introduction to Irish Set dancing is offered to complete beginners in the fortnightly workshops and to get you off to a flying start, on alternate weeks we have a dance with more experienced dancers.  For further details visit the Irish set dance page.